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minutes. >> thank you, john. after a dozen deaths in maryland did to extreme heat over the last week, authorities are taken steps to avoid it happening again. marilyn's first lady and baltimore mayor are urging all marilyn beers to take precautions and pay -- maryland deposit first lady and baltimore mayor urging all marylanders to take precautions. >> take care of relatives and neighbors. if they are in a situation where they don't have air- conditioning, check on them every day. >> this year's numbers of heat- related deaths doubled last year. the city and state is working to make sure cooling centers are off -- working and had energy assistance programs. police say a man was driving under the influence with the crashed into a hertford county building. route 1 and hickory. witnesses said the car hit three parked vehicles before flipping over and crashing into the front of a store. >> it was like five or six of us and there and we heard of all the crashing and we turned around and we were like in shock. >> the driver was airlifted to shock trauma with non-life threatening injuries.
choices... to move maryland forward. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, latebreaking -- this is wbal-11 "news at noon" in hd. >> good afternoon. i'm sarah caldwell. we begin with a check on the weather. will we see more storms like last night? and, a tornado warning. it was a busy morning. thus checking with sandra shaw. >> things have calmed down from this morning and last night. what we saw this morning was a radar-indicated tornado. they did extend the warning for carroll county. no reports of damage. there are still a few storms. we are encompassed in a mod did -- mahdi, moist humid air mass. there are more storms to our west, headed our way. the potential is for some high winds, heavy downpours -- everyone will not be effected. if you are caught in a storm, it is likely to be severe. it is 83 outside. 81 at the airport. the two points in the low 70's indicates there is so much moisture to work with. if we see storms, they will be intense. >> thank you. the high winds and rains le
afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. maryland state police have joined in the search for the body of a man who disappeared while swimming with friends. capt. roy taylor is over the scene in carroll county with the latest on the recovery efforts. >> this just south of nicodemus road near deparle road at of the reservoir on the carroll county side. divers are looking for the individual who became missing yesterday afternoon while swimming here. other divers and search people are trying to locate the individual here. state police are on the scene and they also he -- baltimore city has responded over here, since they represent the waterways in the state of maryland. no further sightings. as we get more information, we will update you from sky team 11. >> 11 news reporter rob roblin will have the latest on the recovery of its tonight on 11 news at 5:00. another violent weekend in baltimore city as police look into shooting, one of them deadly. at 32-year-old man was shot at park heights ave after midnight saturday, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head he was rushed to sinai hospital, where he
repair service for your lan mine phone, the maryland public service commission wants to hear from you. out next, the maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. and we will get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast. >>, and on "dr. oz," the choking and game. it is a teenager at risk? that is this afternoon at 2:00. coming up on "oprah," it was an international scandal, the governor of south carolina's secret rendezvous with a lover in argentina. hear how jenny sanford survive the ordeal. that is at 4:00. tonight at 5:00, a former usda official forced out over racial xt isnts taken out of commentnte offered a new job at the agency. and sales of homes fell more than 5% last month. why economists say we may not be out of the woods just yet. those stories and much more on 11 news at 5:00. and now the maryland lottery numbers. >> brian johnson with the maryland lottery time for the winning midday pick 3 numbers. pick four is next, but first, send in two non-winning scratch- offs for a chance to win one and a thousand dollars. -- a chance to win what thousand dollar
, i think we are having an earthquake. >> a rude awakening for much of maryland as an earthquake rocked montgomery county. good afternoon, everyone, i'm mindy basara. the 3.6 magnitude earthquake was centered in the rock bill. yeah. reports that it was felt far north. kim, it was not exactly the big one but caught a lot off guard. >> it certainly did. the good news is there are no reports of major damage or injuries and in case you slept through it, it hit at 5:00 all for this morning what people -- people were still in bed are getting ready for work. the national earthquake information center says this was the strongest earthquake to hit the washington, d.c., area since they began taking record in 1974. early commuters certainly felt it. >> i was in the subway and i felt a rumbling overhead and i was thinking, ok, the trains cannot run overhead but they run on a platform where i was standing. i was kind of puzzled. but i did not think it was an earthquake. >> our phones lit up seconds after the quake and 11 news viewers all over central maryland shared experiences on
of the day and all our research to show how any damage from the spill affects natural resources. the maryland first lady address participants of the network to end domestic violence convention downtown. the event that took place yesterday brought together experts from state and federal agencies to discuss ways states can solve problems regarding firearms, which can also -- often turn domestic situations into deadly once. ms. o'malley says she is especially passionate about the issue after working as a state prosecutor. >> ic just the -- i see the horror and sadness that affects these families. often, it is committed in front of children. >> the group not only works to increase firearm safety but also for fair treatment of domestic violence victims by the court. ecb's new beverage tax will soon go into effect, and everyone is getting a better understanding of what is all about -- the city's new beverage tax. it is not a direct tax on consumers to buy bottles or cans soda, water, wine, beer, and liquor. instead, the tax falls on to the distributor, who can then charge the consumer a couple penn
water. >> weather officials say most of central maryland is experiencing a moderate agricultural drought. it is the hottest and driest it has been at this point in the summer in 22 years. the hot weather has prompted the maryland transit authority to extend tir hot line. they will take phone calls until 11:00 p.m.. officials say that is how it will stay. the number is 1800325rail. it was hardly a day at the beach after a whale carcass washed ashore. the remains were spotted yesterday afternoon. it is not known what kind of whale it was, or what might have caused its death. it was the biggest costs by swap since the cold war. 10 russians were exchanged for pick four russians who admitted to spying for the west. -- for four russians who admitted to spying for the west. we have more from moscow. >> today's successful swy -- spy swap is a testament to how both countries want to put this incident behind them. they have been focusing on the improving relationship between the two countries. we have seen salty language and tough rhetoric. this morning, the russian ministry of foreign affairs put
worse than one year ago. as for the important issues on the minds of the people in maryland, topping the list was no surprise, the economy. 52% said the economy is the most imports will issue. 9% said the budget deficit. 7% traffic congestion. 5% taxes. george lettuce, wbal tv 11 news. >> you can see the complete results of our website, click on politics. one day after severe storms wreaked havoc on the state, governor o'malley pledged to help those affected -- unaffected. the state will offer any assistance that it can. >> any help is needed from the state in terms of additional cruise, we will do everything in our power to provide. this is hard work given the amount of lines that are down. unfortunately i -- fortunately i think that there is progress being made. >> be jeannie officials say they have listed crews from other state to restore power customers. so far they have restored power over 100,000 customers but the downed trees on power lines have slowed the progress. >> today, july 27, things are feeling pretty good in contrast to those extremely hot temperatures tha
economy. he is back in maryland after spending much of the weekend at the annual national governors' association meeting in washington. there he said that without more federal assistance, the danger of a double recession is greater. back in february, he was one of the 47 governors to send a letter to congress requesting that states get more money for medicaid. >>> in the consumer alert, chrysler and ford recalled thousands of vehicles. chrysler is pulling more than 20,000 dodge and jeep vehicles off its slots reportedly because of defective brake tubes. certain jeep libertys and wranglers and dodge rams could have a defect that could cause the vehicle to lose brake fluid ford is recalling more than 30,000 the dance to replace pains -- more than 30,000 vans to replace pins. >>> changes could be on the way for the u.s. postal service. the postal commission will need to consider cutting back the delivery weakened raising prices for some services. instead of delivering the mail six days a week, it could cut back to 5 the starting in the fall. the post office estimates that the change co
website, click on family. up next, your maryland lottery. we'll get another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast with john >> time for a maryland lottery midday numbers ticket did >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> times we're picked three numbers. 137. 137. >> the winning hands promotion is on. ladies and gentlemen, pick four numbers. 4 1 2 7 4127. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> how is it looking? >> from baltimore, software, a severe thunderstorm watch. >> thank you. have a great day. thank you for watching 11 news at noon.
-atlantic region and maryland later on this afternoon. there is a lot of breaks in the overcast. we have enough sunshine to create that lived in the atmosphere to produce a thunderstorm later on this afternoon. right now, pretty sparse. mosely way off to a west and parts of tennessee and kentucky. the further we go into the day, the better the chance of seeing a thunderstorm pop up. temperatures in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. 84 in westminster, with a little bit of cloud cover north. a forecast is a mixture of sunshine and clouds this afternoon, hot and humid, a chance for a few thunderstorms. 40 percent in market that you will see it in your neighborhood -- 40% mark that you will see it in your neighborhood. keep an eye out for this later today. high temperatures and the low 90s. chance for a few thunderstorms below midnight. muggy conditions after that. we do have a little bit of good and bad news in the seven-day forecast. that news is that it will get even hotter as bwe code to the weekend. maybe approaching 100 on saturday. a strong cold front will go for on sunday. scattered thunderstorm
the entry to the maricopa jail in phoenix. and the first step towards a maryland's version of the arizona law was introduced in reisterstown. the orioles are expected to introduce espn analyst buck showalter as their manager on monday. he is the third manager this season. the current manager is expected to return to his duties as third base coach after serving as interim manager since june 4. it is the unofficial start of football season, as the baltimore ravens kick off their training camp in westminster. today is the first full squad practice open to the public. for more on the training camp and a look at the schedule, visit jennifer franciotti will have a wrap up of today's activities, including purple fan fever at 5:00. in the market for a new home? what experts say you might want to buy now. millions of americans said to benefit from a new health reform law. but first -- >> i will not yield the gentleman and the tournament will observe regular order -- the gentleman will observer regular order. >> what caused >> some intense moments on the house floor last night. republic
. and we need to figure out exactly what happened and why it happened. >> maryland state police and baltimore city police are conducting investigations. and and as a bystander is dead after police pursued him in west baltimore. there receive calls 27 year-old tyron hicks was dealing drugs at the blue f-150 truck. he ran as, when officers tried to arrest him. he was arrested at the scene. the crash remains under investigation. a woman is recovering after her trailer went up in flames overnight. this is video captured by a a ulocal member. the blaze broke out just before 4:30 this morning. no word on the victim's identity or condition. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. county fire investigators are trying to figure out what set two homes on fire. fire crews are arrived to find homes fully engulfed. officials said there were people inside one of the house is, but they were able to escape uninjured. no firefighters were injured. >> we have a beautiful monday afternoon in progress after a tough weekend with temperatures up near the century mark and fixed thunderstor
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points and high humidity. no storms right now over the maryland area. there is a line out ahead of a friend. it is affecting the great lakes, moving toward the east, likely will arrive tomorrow afternoon. then we will see the potential for more and thunderstorms. today there is only an isolated chance for storms, temperatures in the upper 80s. more uncomfortable than yesterday. the dew points have escalated into the low '70's. above 66 you are dealing with an uncomfortable air mass. it indicates a lot of moisture out there. if we get storms to mark, there is a lot of water with them, so expect heavy downpours. in the meantime, this afternoon's forecast -- in the mid-80s and the mountains with the chance for isolated storms. baltimore will likely see a high of 93. there is a chance for an isolated storm or two into the evening, but not widespread. on the eastern shore, high of 91, more sunshine there today. it is just a mix of sun and clouds. later this afternoon on the day a small craft advisory will take effect with winds picking up from the south between 15 and 20 miles per ho
on now. a band of clouds along the coast over delaware, maryland and parts of new jersey, producing a couple of sprinkles. it has been there since last night. not much going on. in the west, hazy sunshine with whether -- with radar picking up very little. we are little short on the month -- .84 short, almost 2.5 inches short on the year and we had a really dried june. we could use some rain and he is making things all the worse. the pollen count -- trees, grass, weeds, the pollen count is low. temperatures are in the high range, 91 degrees at the airport and downtown. annapolis, closer to the day, up regans closer to the '80s. 99 degrees at frederick already. they may do it again with 100. temperatures in the low 80s in far western maryland. on the satellite picture, here are the clouds along the coastal regions. hazy sunshine about every place else. still hot and more humid. even though we don't expect to see a lot of hundreds like we did yesterday, with the humidity, it will be just as uncomfortable. the cold front is our leaf out to the west slowly working its way this way. -- c
degrees. so far this year there have been six deaths in maryland due to the heat and officials say everyone needs to take precautions. >> code red heat will dominate the forecast this week, and state health officials are concerned. there have been six deaths already this year. >> people take precautions, we can keep the number down. with the heat going up, it is likely we will see more deaths. >> the most common health concerns are heat stroke and heat exhaustion. people with respiratory conditions for our problems, the elderly, and the young are the most likely to be affected. there are things you can do to keep you and your family say. >> plenty of fluids. stay out of the heat in the middle of the day. get into air-conditioning if you can. these are the types of things to protect yourself. >> everyone needs to heed the warnings, not just the people in high risk groups. >> it can affect anyone. do not take this lightly. it is just as serious for your health as the heavy snows we had in the middle of winter. people can die from this. it is good to protect yourself. >> wbal tv 11 ne
. the congressman issued a check to the maryland center for environmental science for the new study. the $100,000 grant will help research is better understand the bay's ecosystem, and could shed light on a teacher's way of cleaning up oil spills. >> hit he comply these found here to see how bacteria is responding to oil, and whether they are capable of degrading oil. >> he says if the results are promising, more funding could be provided. bp and government officials continue to monitor the cap keeping oil from flowing into the gulf. in the meantime, the company is considering a new approach to block the oil called static kill. kristin has the latest from louisiana now. >> for nearly five days now that thick, brown stream of oil poured into the gulf has been gone, but that does not mean concerns are. officials are closely watching a small leak at the bottom of the new cap, and bubbles near the blowout preventer. so far they do not think that either it is too much to handle. >> i think with this extensive monitoring we are in a good position to not have a catastrophic event. >> officials also
on demand and hurt us. >> up next, your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. we will also look at6 c13 >> coming up today on the doctor office show, it everyday stress -- on the doctor oz show, everyday stress has put a kink in your relationships. and coming up on oprah, actor wayne, -- dwane, barack, johnson -- dwane "the rock" johnson. and are your maryland lottery pick three and pick four numbers. >> every friday is another hot one. let's get your pick three numbers. they are 1 - and the next number is 5 as printed on the ball, and the final number is 7. recapping the numbers, 1, 6, 7. this is your local retailer and let yourself play. let's play the big four game. we've gotta 7 and the next number is 4, followed by 8 and the last number for your pick four game is 0. your pick up for your numbers today -- 7, 4, 8, 0. >> do not go barefoot on an asphalt street. 97 today, 100 tomorrow. tomorrow could work break records. this is a bit dangerous. we hope to bring debitors down next week, and the humidity, too. 37 days at 90 or hotter. [captioning made possible by constella
-mail your questions. or post them on our website,, click on family. up next, your maryland lottery pick three and picked four numbers. and another check of the forecast. we'll als >> a great opportunity awaits you. the living pressroom -- classroom presents a concert this thursday, july 8. you can win the contest for four free tickets. for more details of contest rules to conduct our website, coming up, bret michaels opens up of the night he almost lost his life. what he is lucky to be allied. jolie right comes out of the closet. their stories on "oprah." tonight the latest cleanup efforts as the nation reels from an economic blow. could you imagine someone walking away with the 7 ft. of this statute? the owners of the rose stilvill diner says all that is left of the statute is the feet. now your maryland lottery numbers. >> good afternoon, merrill lynch. your picked three numbers are -- 2, 2, 8. that makes your pick 3 -three -- 2, 2, and 8. your pick four numbers are -- 3, 9, 4, and 6. recapping -- 3, 9, 4, and 6. >> a final look at the weather. we are forecast
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